Get Online

If a business, product or project does not have a website and a genuine online presencedoes it really exist? Let us bring your good stuff into the neat, digital existence it deserves.


Excitement! Nothing is cooler than watching you, our clients, take their first steps in the digital world. Are you

  • in need of  a fresh server-solution revamp
  • perchance a first-timer in need  great and expandable solutions to accommodate for current and future endeavours?

You have reached the perfect corner of the internet. We can help you with, among other things, just that

  • Creating and picking out your domain (ex. .fi, .com) and necessary online accounts and username
  • Designing and launching a beautiful initial website
  • Configuration and launching your own, custom email server
  • Configuration and implementation of your own cloud-based services and storage
  • Outlining and implementation of a basic, yet effective online presence strategy
  • Outlining and implementation of basic, yet effective online marketing strategy
  • Monitoring and management of server traffic and web-site visitors, with statistics and reports on every interaction

What are we waiting for? Let’s Get Online.