Start-Up Consultancy

We’ll walk you through everything we know about succeeding as a brand, give you a roadmap for next “lead-domino” steps to take and an action plan based on first principlesLet’s rock?


Are you just about to get your business, product or project off the ground?

Get in touch with us at Pinecone, and we’ll help you navigate the exciting waters of the entrepreneurial. With our collective experience and knowledge we can offer you consultancy, information and piece of mind as you begin your journey and move forward toward your goals.

  • Where to start with accounting and bookkeeping?
  • Which services are necessary from the outset?
  • What should I do with and say to all the pesky, pushy telemarketers?
  • What is branding and how can I brand my business, product or project effectively?
  • What is marketing and what strategies make sense for me?
  • Where should I focus my online presence?
  • Website, do I need one?

These are a few of the question marks we can help straighten out together.

The “Start-Up Consultancy” service package will help you map out and get a clear picture of:

  1. Where your business, product or project is at the moment
  2. What and where your time and resources should be spent for maximum return and leverage
  3. Where your business, product or project needs to go to reach your goal

Sound interesting?

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the “Start-Up Consultancy” package: Where the rubber of your business, product or project hits the road.